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Access Blockchain Technology to Your Merchant

Blockchain technology empowers a decentralized secure storage marketplace in the cloud. You will be able to access multiple blockchains leveraging our API's, allowing you to focus on business development; drive innovation, accelerate production, and reduce risk.

  • Standard Restful API
  • Multi-Crypto Integration
  • Cost & Time Effective
  • Server Storage Space Saving
  • B2B transactions & Payment Forwarding
  • Privately Hosted Nodes of Blockchains

Choose a plan that’s right for your business

Monthly Billing
Yearly Billing20% Discount


For businesses wanting a pay-as-you-go API integration.

$1,000 per month

$10,000 per year

10 ETH gas fees

  • ERC20 Tokens
  • Initial Listing & Updates
  • 100,000 Requests per month
  • Limited Support
  • Listing on Supported Cryptocurrencies


For established businesses needing a sophisticated payments partner.

  • Any Blockchain Project
  • Initial Listing & Updates
  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Support
  • Listing on Supported Cryptocurrencies
  • Tweet to our followers

Accept over

Inclusive payment gateway for your own token like these supported cryptocurrencies.