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Cryptocurrency Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Symbol Currency Name Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Miner fee
BTC Bitcoin 0.001 0.01 0.001 BTC
ETH Ethereum 0.02 0.015 0.005 ETH
USDT Tether Coin 10 100 5 USDT
GUSD Gemini dollar 10 100 5 GUSD
PAX Paxos 10 100 5 PAX
USDC USD Coin 10 100 5 USDC
TUSD True USD 10 100 5 TUSD
LTC Litecoin 0.001 0.1 0.001 LTC
DASH Dash 0.004 0.02 0.002 DASH
ERC20 Token ERC20 Token 1 1 0.005 ETH
  • All fees are subject to change without any prior notice. You must check the fee chart prior to initiating any transactions.
  • Any additional third party fees such as sender’s wallet gas fees are the sole responsibility of the sender. DizPay is NOT responsible to cover any sending fee. If the funds are sent from a different cryptocurrency exchange, the exchange rate may apply.
  • Listing of a blockchain project with DizPay will require a payment for the CryptoAPI integration fee, please refer to our payment plan .
  • ERC20 token projects are required to maintain a separate account funded with 10 ETH to cover gas fees to forward payments.

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